Rebecca Black Pregnancy Rumors Worse Than Her Bad Song

Rebecca BlackOK, Interwebs, let's clear something up right now. Rebecca Black is not pregnant. And if you didn't breathe a huge sigh of relief, right then and there, you have either managed to avoid the insane craze that is the 13-year-old's music video "Friday" (really, even the Glee episode?) or you're just as crazy as the hoopla surrounding the song. 

Because the Internet rumor so widespread it even duped CNN (they've taken down the post on their iReport blog, but Salon maintains a screenshot) isn't merely the price of fame for this overnight star. It's a whole new level of stomach-churning, makes me want to take a shower, the Internet has lost it craziness.


If you don't see the difference, let's break this one down. Rebecca Black put out her silly music video. The world made fun of it. She called it cyberbullying. I disagree. Although unnecessarily mean at times, the world simply made commentary on a product her family put out there. They paid ARK Music to produce a video of her song and disseminate it; they opened her up to comments on the quality of her music like any other music "star." It paid off with a feature on Glee.

Then there's this pregnancy rumor. About a 13-year-old. Different circumstances entirely because it wasn't an issue put out by the Black family at all but by an Internet hoaxster who doctored a photo Black had posted on the Internet to make it appear as though the girl was announcing an impending birth. It spread like wildfire, proving the Internet has no problem talking about the sex life of JUST-pubescent child

A child. Think about your kid's friends. Would you be talking about their uteri? Debating how many boys they've slept with? I shudder at the thought. 

Many of us have been guilty at times of engaging in Hollywood bump watching, the "is she or isn't she" commentary on the sudden appearance of ruching on the gown of a starlet known for keeping it simple. But these are grown women, women well past the age of sexual maturity, and women for whom we're generally happy. It's with joy that we think of Beyonce or Jen adding to their families.

Meddling around with a 13-year-old's vagina isn't joyful. It's gross. So let's give this girl a break, shall we? Go back to making memes of Keanu crying. He's a big boy. He can handle it.

What was your reaction to this? Price of fame or totally over the line?


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