Could Cate Blanchett Have Saved Aniston-Pitt Marriage?

cate blanchettLots of eye-raising news today for Cate Blanchett. Her film, the thriller Hanna, will open the Sydney Film Festival next month and it's also her birthday -- she's 42. Let's take a moment to look at her and try not to hate. Holy gorgeous. Teens and 20-somethings should refer to this beauty when they think anyone over 40 is old, uncool, and ugly. (Got that, kids?) But what I also learned about Blanchett today while watching Entertainment Tonight is that she almost had the leading lady role in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Hold the phone?! Yes, THE role that went to Angelina Jolie. And THE role that got Jolie all cozy with Mr. Jennifer Aniston -- Brad Pitt.

I can't help but go there -- what would have happened if Angie was never Mrs. Smith and the role was Cate's?


This all comes down to if you believe in fate or not. If you are a hopeless romantic and believe in L-O-V-E against all odds (cue Titanic theme song) Jolie would have gotten her claws on Pitt somehow someway. Maybe she would have been cast in Ocean's Thirteen or the two would have locked eyes at some fancy Hollywood party while Jennifer was powdering her nose and Angie would have floated across the room asking Pitt if that Smart Water was taken and he would have looked at the bottle that Jennifer just was sipping on moments before and envisioned Jolie's puffy lips opening to .... I'll stop before we all get too turned on/grossed out.

But! If you don't think the Jolie-Pitts were destined, then Cate really could have intercepted what was one of the most contentious times in Tinseltown. Deciding if you would wear Team Jolie or Team Aniston t-shirts was a difficult choice to make. (If you decided to make that dreadful choice.) Still, we all picked a side didn't we? (Dreadfully admitting I was Team Aniston at the time.)

As we all know, Cate and Brad are no strangers to loving each other up on the big screen. They were in Babel and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button together. Masterpieces of film right there. Very unlike the stinker that was Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Cate was smart to turn that bomb down. Maybe though, the film would have turned out different, maybe even likable, and maybe, just maybe even spared Aniston of the agony that her incredibly hot husband left her for his incredibly hot co-star.

Of course perhaps Jen and Brad perhaps were destined to break up and we can't blame it on Jolie.

So, do you think Angie and Brad were destined to be together? Could Cate have saved Jen's marriage?

Image via Siebbi/Flickr

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