Danielle Staub Is Dating Kim Kardashian's Ex

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The only thing that can really shock me about Real Housewives of New Jersey and scandal lover Danielle Staub is that if someone told me she was quitting reality TV forever and going the route of Chaz Bono. She isn't of course. Airing all her business for us to consume is part of her "sig-nah-cha" charm. And why we love her. So we really shouldn't be surprised to hear that she's dating king of classiness himself, Ray J. Maybe the two fell for each other when discussing the other's sex tape. Ray J had one with Kim Kardashian, as you may recall. Filmed, of course, when they were an item and released when they were not. And Danielle seemed to proudly boast her X-rated flick as well.

Or maybe Ray J had on some beer goggles and thought Danielle was Kim.


The Ray J/Staub hook up rumors heated up when the two were caught kissing at LA hotspot Lemon Basket. Danielle was there pimping out her latest reality show dalliance coming in the fall called Famous Food, which also stars Heidi Montag, The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka, and Eliot Spitzer call girl Ashley Dupre in their quest to open a restaurant. Pause for laughter.

Ray J, aside from his golden shower-riddled sex tape (delicious!), has been filmed "being himself" before, most notably with his famous sister in Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business and For the Love of Ray J, which was like Rock of Love but without bandanas. Now Ray J is a very handsome guy -- he has to be in order to date Kim Kardashian who has excellent taste in men (I love Reggie Bush!). But it just feels like a desperate attempt for this 30-year-old hottie to get back in the tabloids by dating 48-year-old Staub.

What do you think of these two together? Will it last?!


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