Charlie Sheen Is Half the Man Ashton Kutcher Is

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen (yes, that's a gold tooth)
Well, Charlie Sheen has finally responded with his reaction about his Two & a Half Men replacement Ashton Kutcher, shockingly NOT on his Twitter account -- but to his friends at TMZ.

We sure wish we could say Charlie had something Winning to say about the new deal. But no, the "Charlie Sheen machine" is slowing to a sputter out there, and he's really got nothing new to say about getting fired by CBS, his mean old boss Chuck Lorre, or, you know, how screwed the show is going to be without him.


Using his same old broken-record talking points (you really need some new material, dude), Charlie Sheen tells TMZ:

Kutcher is a sweetheart and a brilliant comedic performer ... Oh wait, so am I!! Enjoy the show America. Enjoy planet Chuck, Ashton. There is no air, laughter, loyalty, or love there.

Oh, Charlie, we could have guessed that would be your response. Don't you have any new quotable lingo or freaky metaphors to apply to the situation? And when, when, when are you going to acknowledge that perhaps CBS can't handle CRAZY, and that has everything to do with everything here.

On the flip side, to give CBS some idea that they made a wise casting choice this time, Ashton Kutcher charms the pants off us on his Twitter, putting up a smart and funny tweet about his new role that simply says: "what's the square root of 6.25?"

Ashton Kutcher twitter tweet

Are you as bored as we are by Charlie Sheen's reaction about Ashton Kutcher?


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