18 Judgment Day Movies to Watch on May 21

If May 21, 2011 really is going to be judgment day as the Christian group called Family Radio has promised, then we only have a handful of hours left to watch movies. And isn't that how most of us would like to spend our final days? Hunkered down in front of the tube, popcorn in hand, watching some fake president (preferably played by Morgan Freeman) tell his people that the end of the world is nigh?

In movies, the world ends in a variety of ways. Strange viruses sweep the world, nuclear wars decimate the population, "the machines" take over, or zombies come along and eat everyone's brains.

We humans have no limits when it comes to imagining our own demise, but here are 18 favorites you can watch just in case May 21 is the end. Maybe you can get some tips:

The 18 Best End-of-World Movies:


2012: John Cusack and family fight to survive global destruction as predicted by the Mayans.

The Stand: The world ends via plague and a small group of survivors must fight in a war between good and evil. Sounds light, no?

12 Monkeys: A virus wipes out most of Earth's population and only Bruce Willis, on a mission from the future, can help stop it.

I Am Legend: A plague kills most of the world and turns the rest into monsters, but one survivor (Will Smith) tries to find the cure.

Red Dawn: In the mid-'80s, Soviets attack a midwestern high school. The kids fight back.

The Day After Tomorrow: Dennis Quaid is a climatologist fighting to save his son during abrupt global warming that knocks out most of the world, except, conveniently, his entire family.

The Terminator: Arnold Schwarzenegger is a machine from the future sent back to kill the one woman who could save humanity from "The Machine" takeover.

The Road: A little boy and his dad are living alone in a post-apocalyptic world, trying to survive. Heart-wrenching if you're a parent.

Night of the Living Dead: A group of people uses a farmhouse as refuge from zombies who have taken over the world.

Tank Girl: A tank riding, pink cigarette smoking bad ass girl played by Lori Petty fights mega-corporation, which controls the world's water supply.

Mad Max: In a fitting role, Mel Gibson plays Mad Max, a man who takes revenge on the biker gang who kills his family in an apocalyptic wasteland.

The Road Warrior: Mad Max is back, helping others in the post-apocalyptic world.

Shaun of the Dead: The zombie apocalypse has never been so funny.

Dawn of the Dead: A group of people takes refuge at the mall during the zombie apocalypse.

28 Days Later: A group of survivors fights to survive after a plague sweeps the Earth and turns most into zombies.

Deep Impact: Earth is about to be destroyed by a comet and people are trying to fight it.

Armageddon: Earth is about to be destroyed by an asteroid and Bruce Willis (who else?) is sent to save us.

Independence Day: Aliens arrive and they want to destroy the Earth, but not before Will Smith tries to stop them!

Which movies do you want to see?


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