7 Craziest 'Real Housewives' of All Time

kelly benismonDon’t try to deny it. You love the Real Housewives. Whether you TiVo and watch it religiously or just get sucked in for a few minutes while passing from the kitchen to the bedroom, there’s no denying they’re entertaining. And the crazier they are, the more we love them!

Here’s our list of the craziest of the crazy by season. Some were hard to pick, but others? They were terribly easy!


vicky gunvalsonOrange County -- Vicki Gunvalson. This truly was the hardest conclusion to come to out of all of the series. At different points, they’ve all been certifiably koo-koo. (And we say “koo-koo” like the newest NJ Housewife says on the beach in the commercials for the upcoming premiere -- can’t wait!!!)

Vicki is crazy. Like uber-control freak, tightly wound, super-sensitive cray-cray -- a less glamourous crazy, if you will. But, man, then there’s Lynne Curtin, who was all kinds of spacey and weird crazy. Tamra Barney, obnoxious crazy. And Gretchen and Alexis are self-absorbed, delusional crazy. Decision, decisions!

At the end of the day, though, we have to pick one. And if you do the proper math, Vicki G. comes out on top (Note: This doesn’t mean she’s the most annoying housewife. That is a whole different list. In some cases.)

kim zolciakAtlanta -- Kim Zolciak. Some of you were probably immediately thinking NeNe Leakes here (who is by far the most entertaining), but we’re going to have to go with Kim. Kim is more ... unsettling crazy. Her smoking, her drinking, her taking advantage of Kandi, her dating women then dating men, her outfit when she recorded "Tardy for the Party"! If you sit down and make a list (like some insane people we know), Kim comes out on top.

kelly benismonNew York -- Kelly Bensimon. We must admit, Kelly definitely seems more “sane” this season -- and Sonja Morgan seems more crazy. Actually, Sonja kind of seems like a totally different person, which is a major bummer, because she was our second favorite last season (behind Bethenny Frankel, of course). What’s up with all her diva behavior, pecking order talk, and her forgetting to wear pants?!

However, nothing will ever top Kelly on Scary Island last year, manic and running around with gummy bears. You have to do some other-worldly nutso stuff to top that. And as weird as Sonja’s acting this season (and how odd Ramona Singer is in general), Kelly still has them beat.
danielle staubNew Jersey -- Danielle Staub. Do we really even need to elaborate? Single-handedly responsible for the most intense Housewives scene of all time (the dinner; followed second by Scary Island; third by the Beverly Hills Allison DuBois' e-smoking dinner), Danielle is the grand dame of crazy for all the Housewives casts period. End of story. Have a nice life.
camille grammerBeverly Hills -- Camille “Kyle’s Jealous of Me” Grammer. Wide-eyed, spray tanned, and ready to tongue kiss her married friend Nick (in front of his wife) at a moment's notice, CG takes the cake here. Yes, Kim Richards was crazy, too, but she’s a different kind of crazy. Kind of a lovable crazy.
michaele salahiD.C. -- Michaele Salahi. Another obvious one. I mean, the woman lied about being a Redskins cheerleader and snuck into the White House! Of course she’s going to win this title.
mama elsaMiami -- Oh, who cares? The season was a complete snore, but since we’re playing this game and we have to pick one, why not go with honorary member (and favorite) Mama Elsa. And, Mama E, if you’re reading this, we’re saying this out of love -- don’t cast a spell on us!

Do you agree with our list? Who do you think is the craziest?

Images via Bravo TV

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