Ashton Kutcher Steals Charlie Sheen's Part: Winning!

Ashton Kutcher better watch his back, lest Charlie Sheen follow him home. It looks like the actor is set to take over Sheen's role on Two and a Half Men. His payday is said to be looking like a pretty large chunk of change.

TMZ says the deal isn't done as of yet, but that creator Chuck Lorre is keen on Kutcher. He is also looking at Hugh Grant to replace Charlie, but those negotiations fell through and let's just say that is a good thing. One hooker-loving weirdo is plenty on the show anyway. 

Sheen lost his job in March after famously losing his mind quite publicly and insulting Lorre openly in interviews.


Sheen may be angry wherever he is, but if he is, he hasn't weighed in yet. Currently he is on tour, continuing to rail against Lorre and CBS in his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" road show. Sheen's pitch for his replacement was his old friend Rob Lowe.

I'm thinking Lorre was smart to go with Kutcher who seems happily married, comfortable with his life, and most importantly, sane ...

Given what they went through with Sheen, it seems like hiring Lowe, who had his own sex tape with underage girls scandal, or Grant, who was caught cheating on Elizabeth Hurley with a hooker named Divine Brown, would just be asking for more insanity.

Or, maybe Lorre gets off on this kind of thing. I'm sure Sheen's meltdown brought a lot of good attention to the show. But one public meltdown a year is plenty. Too many and we would start to suspect Sheen was telling the truth.

Is it really too much to ask to find a nice, sane boy in Hollywood? Maybe so. But let's hope Kutcher is it!

Do you think Kutcher will make a good replacement for Sheen?


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