'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Two Problematic Parties

Jill ZarinLet's address the most concerning issue on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York first -- was Sonja Morgan wasted or just insane she when strutted around with her ass hanging out of her costume at her lame party? It was one of the most perplexing, disturbing scenes in Housewives history ... and that’s saying a lot.

It was ALL hanging out as she giggled and shrieked about leaving half of her costume at home, but made no move to do anything about it. I think drunk is the preferable explanation here, because there could be a more serious problem if she really thought anyone wanted to see that. Another interesting question – where did she get the bruise the size of a hand on said ass? Actually, maybe that’s an answer we don’t want to know.

Anyway ... the real drama of the night came between Jill Zarin and Ramona Singer.


The scene started to be set early when Jill trashed Ramona behind her back (remember that for later) with Cindy Barshop, who was still worked up over her bizarre lunch with Ramona we saw last week.

Jill sat right there with Cindy agreeing that Ramona was a psycho who needed to be stopped. “Her friends are scared of her. She does terrible things to them all the time ...“ Jill also didn’t hesitate to criticize Sonja behind her back for her crappy party.

Then she got busted at party number two of the night. At Ramona’s pinot grigio party, their friend Jennifer tattled on Jill to Ramona, telling her how Jill had ruined her wedding day by demanding to know why Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen were invited AND by asking how Jennifer could even think about being friends with someone like Ramona.

Ramona’s eyes bugged out big time, and the rage was on. “That is abusive. That is undermining my relationship with Jennifer. That's really being a bitch.”

When she saw Jill, she pounced. Jill, of course, denied it all and couldn’t believe Ramona and Jennifer would dare talk behind her back. A shouting match ensued. Jill stormed off, telling Ramona, "You have no class. At your own party, to attack me!" Outside, she just so happened to run into Jennifer and told her, “I just got mauled by the dog, Ramona Singer.” Jennifer pretty much confirmed what Ramona had told Jill, but in her twisted reality, Jill somehow took it as vindication for herself. Then she marched back into the party for round two.

It's a bit difficult to take a side in this one, mostly because they both seem like they'd stab you in the back just for a better seat at lunch. But my first instinct is that it's mostly Jill, as she just can't seem to get along with anyone. And though she keeps claiming to have seen the light and emerged a kinder, nicer Housewife, she's done nothing to show it. Plus, I trust Bethenny Frankel, and she wouldn't have kicked her to the curb so easily if she wasn't bad news.

On the other, Ramona has been out of control. Whether it’s all the pinot or not, she has no filter and flings around cutting remarks and judgments with relish and without much regard for who gets hurt. But besides picking the exact wrong time to address a situation once again, Ramona did have reason to be irked with Jill based on what Jennifer said. That timing, however, kills her every time, and she really needs to stop getting SO worked up about everything or she’s going to need that defibrillator Alex suggested for real one of these days.

In the end, they decided to talk over lunch (I think?), which should prove interesting if it happens. Perhaps we’ll finally get another Housewives table-flipping scene?

Who do you think is more at fault -- Jill Zarin or Ramona Singer?

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