5 Best Celebrity Bikini Bodies

Bethenny FrankelThings are heating up, and there’s no better way to get ready for swimsuit season than to gawk at a bunch of hot celebrities strutting their stuff on the beach. So toned and tanned, sculpted and chiseled (whether through their own hard work or that of a surgeon’s scalpel), Hollywood certainly generates some serious beach heat.

Whether you choose to see them as motivation for your own fitness efforts or an excuse to spew expletives about the unfairness of it all and go buy some cute cover-ups instead is up to you. Here are five of the hottest celebrity beach bodies out there:


Bethenny Frankel: God bless the Skinnygirl margarita if this is the result. Trim and toned without being too thin, Frankel also has one of the best sets of breast implants in the biz.

Vanessa Hudgens

Ashley Tisdale: It would be hard to find a flaw with her hot, young bod. Her hairstyle in this picture is another matter.

Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge: Like her or not, the reality star is a thing of beauty in a bikini. Good thing, since she seems to spend more time in one than clothes by most estimates.

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson: While on a recent vacay in Barbados with her boyfriend, Hayden Christensen, Bilson bared her impressive taut and toned bod -- not a flaw in sight.

Courtney Cox

Courteney Cox: Cougar or not, the former Friend can still rock a bikini like nobody's business.

Which celebrities do you think have the best bikini bodies?

Images via Splash News

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