'Grey's Anatomy' Mer & Der Adoption Details Are Worth the Watch

Grey's Anatomy Baby ZolaGrey's Anatomy could have ended the season last night. We had everything that makes a great finale. A tree growing in a guy's lung (for reals, yo!). A pregnant mama whose baby grew in her intestines instead of the usual place. And a bunch of Seattle Grace residents thisclose to the decision of who will be the new chief resident.

But the fact that there's one more episode left for us is good news people. Because the more episodes, the more Mer/Der adoption details we're going to get! Come on, folks, how can you look at baby Zola and not swoon?


Like new mama Callie said of her own little bundle of joy, Sophia, she's like a crack baby -- totally addicting (a word to the wise, as Sloan warned, it's PROBABLY not a good idea to use that term in mixed company). And she could be the first person to ever really make Meredith, Ms. So Closed Off She Was Fine With Being Married by Post-It for Awhile There, open up.

Chief resident race, infighting, and crazy surgeries aside, the debate over what's going to happen to this little baby brought from Africa by Karev for surgery stole last night's episode. The fans have been salivating over the couple finally becoming parents (seriously, there's a Meredith and Derek fan site, y'all), but there's a lot to consider here. As Meredith herself said, "Maybe a resident who works 80 hours a week isn't the best candidate for a mom."

Um, yeah. They're both surgeons. She's still in her residency. And if they're not at the hospital, we see them in bed. When is she going to find time to, as Meredith promised the social worker investigating the couple's fitness as parents, "be the cookie mom"? Any parent will tell you it takes a lot more than falling in love and thinking the kid's cute.

I'm loving that Grey's is finally taking these surgeons from sex-crazed skin-cutting fiends into the next level of adulthood. But after years of writing characters who can think only about surgery and sex, it's going to be interesting watching them broaden their horizons. Come to think of it, we do need another episode this season for more than just a glimpse of Baby Zola's sweetness. We need to see if they're prepping us for a season of Grey's getting real or just teasing us. We need details stat! Otherwise I'm not sure I'll be lining up for next season.

What do you think of this development? Does it really fit with the Mer/Der storyline so far?


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