'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Rehab Trip Makes Us Jealous

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans needs to relax ...
Wow, it looks like that karmic lesson of "what comes around goes around" is really setting in for two Teen Mom stars. Abusive and erratic Teen Mom star Amber Portwood just lost custody of her daughter Leah -- not a moment too soon -- and now troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, who already lost custody of her son Jace to her mom, got arrested for fighting, and faced other drug-related charges, has finally ended up in rehab.

Of course, the rehab stint has nothing to do with drug dependency. She just wanted a little R&R in Malibu, California, I guess. Sounds nice ... and pricey ... and it's 80 degrees and sunny in Malibu today. Can we come?


So the consensus seems to be that Jenelle is dealing with some larger scale emotional stress and anxiety rather than drugs in this rehab. While she has had some marijuana-related problems, it looks like some deeper issues are being considered. A friend of Jenelle's told HollyBaby:

She’s trying to better herself for her kid. It’s not about the drugs or nothing. 

Another insider tells Us Weekly:

She is clean right now and has been that way for several weeks. She's doing this program to help her cope with all the stress in her life: her family situation, her legal issues, her general anxiety.

Wow, aside from the legal issues, sounds like I could really use some rehab myself. Some sunshine, a little "me" time away from the family ... But seriously, folks, I don't care why Jenelle Evans is in rehab as long as it does her some good and helps her become a better, happier mom that shows up for her kid and a decent human being, who stops ending up in court ... and jail ...

Are you glad Jenelle Evans is finally going to rehab? Do you think it will help?


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