Could 'Twilight' Totally Kill Sex for Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart?

twilightIt was a case of art imitating life for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart when they filmed their super-steamy sex scene for Breaking Dawn for, wait for it ... 12 whopping hours! Okay, so maybe it wasn't totally art imitating life. Please, tell me it wasn't art imitating life. Although, they're both young, and if Sting can do it -- eh, I should probably just stop here.

The scenes are supposedly muy scandaloso. (Yes, I know that's not how you say "scandalous" in Spanish; I was in the Honor Society, bitches!) I mean, you have heard about how RPattz is biting a pillow in one of the scenes, right? Yowza!

What I'm wondering, though, is even if your significant other is RPattz/KStew sexy, would you really want to go home to the, ahem, boudoir, after faking it for 12 hours straight?


Don't get me wrong, it's a good problem to have. "Oh man, I have to go in to the office again today and make out with my boyfriend. And my boyfriend happens to be Robert Pattinson. Rats." But, it also has to get a little tiring, no? And, dude, you probably really have to step up your game if you know what I mean -- especially if there's pillow biting involved. (Come on, Kristen, you can tell me: Robert is "good," but he's not as "good" as Edward, right...? Kristen...? Hello...? Am I being inappropriate?)

I mean, think about it. When you get home from work, do you want to do the thing you were doing all day at home then? No way! (Although I do go on my computer at night. I have a problem.) And when that thing is ... s-e-x (even if it's fake), you probably just want to plop down on the couch and veg out to some boob tube. Maybe a little Real Housewives or something?

Well, luckily for them, filming is done. They can take a break from all that annoying making out and sexy stuff and just go back to boring old real life. I bet they never thought in a million years that less kissing would be good for their relationship!

What do you think of RPattz and KStew filming a 12-hour sex scene?

Image via Eclipse the Movie

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