'Glee' Season Finale Spoilers to Know Now!

hollywood reporter gleeIn less than two weeks, on May 24, the Glee season finale will premiere, and we'll no longer have to keep guessing about the gossip that's been floating around about what we can expect to see. We Gleeks will actually KNOW what happens to our favorite glee club at Nationals in New York ... we will actually have seen whether the show marks the reunion of Finchel (yes, please!) ... we will also know who dies.

But if you cannot wait 'til the 24th for details on your favorite show's finale, then a new article in The Hollywood Reporter was written just for you, fellow Gleek. The "First Look" story gives an in-depth, behind-the-scenes account of the finale shoot.

If you fall into the camp of fans who don't mind spoilers (which are pretty harmless and not at all related to major plot lines, I promise!), read on ...


-The cast will be performing a mashup of Madonna's "I Love New York" and On the Town's "New York, New York." A fan in Central Park actually caught some video of this particular performance being filmed a few weeks back.

-Finn, Rachel, Puck, and Lauren will all have a scene at celeb chef Todd English’s Ça Va Brasserie. Two of them will try to order Manhattans. It's a no-brainer which two, right?

-Rachel and Kurt will sneak into the Gershwin Theater to sing "For Good" from Wicked on the famed stage. Lea Michele told the Reporter: "We feel like we're Elphaba and Glinda ... Chris likes to be called Guylinda, though." Adorbs!

-Broadway legend Patti LuPone makes a cameo in the episode. The scene features Rachel and Finn, who have a "work date" (which hopefully turns into more) at the famed Theater District eatery, Sardi's. LuPone (as herself) is seated in the restaurant, and when she gets up to leave, Rachel nervously blocks her path and says, "Um, excuse me, Miss LuPone? You're my idol." LuPone tells her to "never give up." She also improvised some of her own lines (about Finn!), which may or may not make the final cut.

-Will, standing alone on a Broadway stage (re-created at downtown L.A.'s Million Dollar Theater), sings the single "Still Got Tonight," off of Matthew Morrison's own debut album (out May 10). "It's about aspiration," Murphy says. "We've seen Will be this dreamer."

Even though I just spilled all of these secrets with you all, I have a feeling there are plenty of other surprise moments we totally won't expect come the finale.

What are your predictions for the finale?


Image via The Hollywood Reporter

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