Goodbye Gifts Chicago Should Have Given Oprah

oprah winfrey wayI love Oprah. LoveloveloveloveLOVE Oprah. I have been watching her show since the beginning, seen all of the hairdos (and hair-don'ts), seen the Queen of TV in all different sizes. Alas, I have never been to the show ... and never will, since it's coming to an end in mere weeks. But we can catch her on her own OWN network -- who else is ga-ga over Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes besides me? With all of the hooplah surrounding the last days of Oprah's show, much has been done to celebrate all things Oprah. And now the city of Chicago is getting in the mix by giving Oprah her own street!

The block in front of her Harpo Studios will now be known as Oprah Winfrey Way, an honor that she said was "better than an Oscar or an Emmy." Well deserved, I say, and I was a bit surprised she didn't already have a street of her own.

Got me thinking what would I want named after me ... hmmmmm ...


Don't get me wrong, a street is great, but what else is there ... how about a bridge? Bridges are often named after people, but drivers get peeved when bridges are busy during rush hour and you don't want people to be angry on your bridge. I've seen rest stops with honorary names ... which is a little creepy. I mean, what if the bathrooms in your namesake rest stop are gross? Not cool.

Then there's a room in a museum or maybe a hospital wing. Though both of those are usually given to folks who have donated big bucks. Since this mama doesn't have big bucks, that's not so likely. A yacht would be nice, but a storm could sink you, which just doesn't sound like good karma to me, you know?

I have heard you can buy a star and name it after a loved one or yourself, so that would be cool, but you're buying it, so it really isn't an honor, per se. What about a comet? The bad part about that is you often have to wait years to see your comet ... poor Edmond Halley would have to wait 76 years to see his, meaning he basically only saw it once.

My preference? Hmmm, I love books and I love my vino. How about a library? The Chaet Library! Or a bottle of wine, like Heather's Champagne. Yum!

What would you want named after you?


Image via nayrb7/Flickr

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