Let's All Ignore Salma Hayek's Fashion Advice, Shall We?

Salma HayekSalma Hayek has appeared on many a best-dressed list, but her choice of attire at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday was among the worst seen as of late.

It's painful to slam a Gucci dress, because typically the fashion house can do no wrong, but this one was just ... awkward at best. The burnt orange leather, the strangely placed ginormous flower boa that resembled a wedding arch, the fact that when Antonio Banderas put his arm around her for pictures, he squashed the whole thing -- it just didn't work.

Perhaps it's due to her poor eyesight. She is aging, you know, but unlike most of us, her biggest worry is a need for glasses. She told the AP, "I do feel my body beginning to -- like, I need glasses now when I read my scripts."

So perhaps she should get her prescription checked before she starts handing out advice that's going to mar the eyes of beach-goers everywhere.


While promoting her film Puss in Boots, she shared with Meredith Vieira some wacky swimsuit advice after the host overheard her making a comment. "There was a lady wearing a g-string on the beach and I think after 50 you should not wear a g-string on the beach."

Good, though that's a pretty generous age range to give the nod to something that might look good on .001 percent of the population even at 18. But then she even backtracked on that one and said perhaps they were okay for the senior set, especially Madonna.

By the way, I'm sure there are some women over 50, like Madonna for example, she would be hot on that beach, but not this particular one. I take my word back, maybe if you are 60, you can still wear a g-string on the beach. If you can work it, do it.

No, just nooooo. I don't care if you're Madonna or anyone else, granny-age women -- and really most women in general -- should not go near g-strings. Period. Salma is lovely and all, but clearly her fashion sense is a little askew as of late and should not be trusted. Back away from the g-string, grandma, and let's all proceed with caution when it comes to any other advice Hayek decides to start handing out.

What do you think of Salma Hayek's dress? Do you think any 50- or 60-year-old woman should attempt to rock a g-string?


Image via Splash News

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