Matthew Morrison Sings of Old Sexcapades in New Song (VIDEO)

matthew morrisonYesterday, the self-titled debut album from Glee star Matthew Morrison hit shelves. And whether you're a die-hard Gleek or just wild about Will Schuester, this CD has plenty of summer lovin' for ya -- especially on the steamy first track, "Summer Rain."

In the new song, Morrison reminisces about an old flame and sings of making love on a New York City rooftop. You know, in public. For everyone to see. The singer asks:

Who needs Lover's Lane when there's a rainy rooftop to make love on?

Naughty teacher you are, Mr. Schuester ...


Perhaps "Summer Rain" provides us a peek at what sexy Matty is really like, off the Glee set. I can't help but wonder now where else Matt has gotten down and dirty in public. With lyrics like "Your eyes are beggin' me to touch you there/Could be a thousand people watchin' but we don't care," he's putting on a pretty good show for us right out of the gate.

In an interview with AOL Music, Morrison spilled the hot real-life details behind the track's spicy lyrics:

It is a true story. I was living in New York in my early 20s and my girlfriend at the time and I were up on my apartment roof on 51st and 9th Ave. It was a beautiful summer day and it just all of a sudden started raining. We ran to go inside and we didn't quite make it inside. The moment just kind of took us and if my 16-year-old self knew I was going to have a moment like that in my life, he would be so stoked.

Atta boy, Will.

Listening through the album, it sounds like Morrison really found his own sort of vibe and style. To be honest, I like it. And I love his weapon of choice -- the ukulele. With that said, even though my favorite TV high school teacher sings about getting naked in public, there are other tracks that balance out the ... erm, naughtiness.

Take a listen to "Summer Rain" and let me know what you think of Matt's new song?


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