Cannes Film Festival Always Brings Out the Egomaniacs

salma hayekHollywood's elite have escaped L.A. and landed in the South of France for the always exalted Cannes Film Festival. The red carpet walking and typical Tinseltown hobnobbing are already in full-swing. Of course, films are supposed to be the big draw at Cannes, but that doesn't stop some celebs from making it all about them. Some of them just can't help it -- you know, with all of the gossip hounds and junkets and paparazzi chasing them from the time they step off their trans-Atlantic flights. (Or at least, they act like that's the case.)

Already, there have been some standout "spotlight hoggers," if you will ... 


Angelina Jolie is one of those celebs who would probably plead, "I just can't help but dominate the scene!" anywhere -- let alone at one of the oldest, most prestigious film festivals. Today, she's promoting some animated flick I didn't even realize she lent her voice to ... oh yes, Kung Fu Panda 2. And someone thought it would be wise to have her promote the movie alongside her co-star, Jack Black. What do you think Jack Black is doing in those interviews besides staring blankly at Ms. Supermodel-Meets-Mother-Teresa U.S.A.? Twiddling his thumbs? He's barely gotten the chance to chime in. I feel really bad for the guy! Plus, of course, because she and Brad have a chateau in the general vicinity, they came down to the fest with all six kiddos. Whenever or wherever the Pitt-Jolie brood shows up, all cameras and reporters will follow. It's a given.  

Then there's Salma Hayek, who I adore as much as the next person-who-loves-sassy-brunettes! But she is operating on sassy, fiery overload this year at Cannes, it seems. She rolled onto the red carpet for the Puss in Boots photocall with co-star Antonio Banderas in this crazy red frou-frou gown ... in broad daylight. The dress itself seemed perfect for her petite, curvy frame, but Salma obviously wants all eyes on her -- or else, she wouldn't have topped the get-up off with those wacky, poufy floral sleeves.

And just because you don't show up looking like a million bucks or dressed like Lady Gaga doesn't mean you can't steal the show. Woody Allen has been overshadowing many of his colleagues, thanks to his new flick, Midnight in Paris. His strategy: Using that signature self-deprecation. Classic reverse psychology! For instance, he's telling reporters he's "never considered himself an artist":

I have aspired to be one, but I have never felt that I have the depth, substance, or the gifts to be an artist. I do think I have some talent, yes; but I don't think it goes as far as being an artist, because if you think Kurosawa is an artist and Bergman is an artist, and Buñuel and Fellini, then it is as clear as a bell that I am not an artist.

Oh, shush, Woody! Do you really believe you're that much of a schlemiel?? Doubt it.

And on a more serious note, it seems like the late Princess Diana will be dominating the scene to some extent at this year's fest. The documentary Unlawful Killing shows photos of Di as she lay dying after the fatal car crash. Eeek ... as graphic and morbid as that sounds, I can imagine that film will be hoarding a LOT of the fest buzz.

Are you following any particular celeb or movie at Cannes this year?


Image via Francois Durand/Getty

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