George Michael Totally Cleans Up His Act (VIDEO)

George Michael
George Michael

Our old friend British pop singer George Michael is back, and he looks great too! Healthy, fuller faced, hopefully clean and sober, and with a new not-pop comeback music tour in the works. In fact, George Michael is planning to tour with an orchestra.

Does this mean no soulful "Careless Whispers"? No bouncy "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go"? No happy-making "Freedom"? Not necessarily!


In fact, while Michael will be accompanied by an orchestra on his European tour (sorry, American WHAM fanatics!), he will also be performing rearranged versions of his hit songs. At a press conference today, Michael said:

I've always wanted to sing with this kind of backing so I could really, really use my voice and not just concentrate on keeping thousands and thousands of people really excited for two and a half hours.

Sounds like his act has a fresh and exciting spin, but what about the man behind it? Is he going to keep it together this time? Assumably speaking about making big (sober) changes in his life after his ongoing troubles with drugs and the law, Michael added:

I felt very re-energised after my recent troubles, I felt it was really what I want to do.

In terms of staying on the straight and narrow, then there's nothing better than work that you love.

So I thought I should tour sooner rather than later, to keep that impetus, to keep driving me to take care of myself and to appreciate what I have.

I have to say Michael looks better than I've seen him in years, and I'm totally rooting for him. We can also look forward to a new dance-themed album with other gay artists that he's recording between tour dates.

WATCH George Michael at his press conference today:

Are you a George Michael fan? Would you like to see this newfangled musical tour of his?


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