Bristol Palin Is Going All L.A. in Her New Reality Show

bristol palinBristol Palin may disagree with her mother on the topic of gay marriage, but when it comes to the question "Is it a good idea to star in a reality show?" the two are simpatico as can be!

So, yeah, we're talking Bristol Palin and the new BIO reality show that will follow her around as she makes the move from Wasilla, Alaska, to Los Angeles with her 2-year-old son, Tripp. A reality show about a girl moving to the big City of Angels? I smell an Emmy!

The show will also star Bristol's former Dancing With the Stars colleague and "best friend" That's So Raven thespian, Kyle Massey. Close your eyes, Mama Palin, your daughter's about to get Los Angelfied! (Even more so than she is already!)


As someone who lived in Los Angeles for 10 years -- and watches reality TV out the wazoo -- I feel confident saying this is a bad idea. Er, correction. A bad idea for the Palins. Specifically Sexy Sarah. For BIO and me, it's a great idea.

When D-List celebs move out to Los Angeles, they're there for one reason and one reason only -- to get more famous. And in the process, they often make decisions that are ... less than exemplary. I cannot even begin to tell you how many Real World stars I've seen wasted, making out with some rando in the corner of Barney's Beanery (shout-out to any L.A. peeps). And (much to their dismay) they didn't have cameras on them.

So, you see, Bristol's move out to Los Angeles isn't going to be all guns and caribou. It's actually going to be the opposite -- especially if she plans on spending most of her time with an "actor." I think we can all plan on seeing Bristol hitting up local watering holes, taking in some sun (in a skimpy bikini), and Sarah's worst nightmare of all -- paling around with the gays. Dun dun dun.

Bristol seems to be rebelling against her mom a bit lately -- and I like it. I mean, who hasn't gone through a phase like that in their lives? But the only difference between us and Bristol is our moms weren't running for president. Oh, and we weren't rebelling in the public eye. And we didn't get plastic surgery. Never mind, we're totally different. We're awesome.

What do you think of Bristol Palin's decision to star in a reality show?


Image via Andy Kropa/Getty

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