'16 and Pregnant': The Future Is Dim for Danielle

The fourth episode of 16 and Pregnant featured Danielle -- a 16-year-old freshman in high school who is also the daughter of a teen mom. Her mother, the grandmother of the baby, is roughly 32. My age. Unbelievable.

This episode was very hard to watch because Danielle's mother is doing her absolute best to raise her daughter and help her not repeat her mistakes, but Danielle seems bound and determined to do everything wrong in every way.

I can't be the only one who found Danielle really annoying. The slow way she spoke and the terrible decisions she made (moving out of her mom's house? HELLO? That was idiotic!). Nothing seemed to light a fire under her, not even learning that she was a 16-year-old freshman in high school with failing grades and a drop-out boyfriend and, oops! Now a baby, too?


Not everything in life is fated to be and Danielle seems like the kind of girl who wanted to get pregnant just to prove everything is out of her control. Are we really supposed to believe that she will be able to finish high school when she still has three years to go (and that's IF she takes summer classes and basically aces them all)? Yeah, good luck to her.

She's lucky to have a mom who is so willing to help, but she won't take the help at all. She even has a boyfriend who seems, more or less, to want to be involved and to want to help and who has actual opinions about who takes care of their child while they're at work (my standards are pretty low for these baby daddies). And yet, she seems to just reject all of it.

There was no mention of her father in the episode, but one can only assume that his absence has affected her self-esteem (note how many of these teen moms lack a good dad). Even so, I began to wonder if there might be some kind of undiagnosed issue going on with Danielle. She seemed unable to get emotional or grasp the enormity of her situation.

In fact, the only person who managed to "get it" at all was her mom (again, a grandmother who is MY AGE). She kept shaking her head and repeating what a bad situation Danielle was in. Sounds about right to me. She IS in a terrible situation and it is going to be an impossible one if she doesn't get her crap together.

Perhaps the only thing that was positive about this episode was the fact that Danielle had a boy. At least he can't get pregnant at 16 and make all the same mistakes. Danielle seems to need a little better luck and a whole lot of better attitude.

What did you think of this episode?


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