Mike Epps Psycho Behavior Isn't Funny (VIDEO)

Mike EppsThis whole story can pretty much be summed up in one sentence: Mike Epps acted like an ass. But here are the details anyway ... Epps, who stars in The Hangover, was performing a comedy routine in Texas last week when a process server served him with court papers. Instead of picking them up and dealing with them later, or even just making a joke about them, Epps tore into the woman who delivered the papers.

Clearly he never heard the saying don't kill the messenger, because he slayed this woman and pretty much verbally assaulted her with lines like, "White b*tch just threw some papers up on the mother f*cking stage ... b*tch, f*ck you."  And: "B*tch, I don't give a f*ck ... suck my d*ck" as she exited the building.

Check out the video to see him in action:


Classy, huh? The papers she was serving him were in regards to a nightclub fight in Detroit he was involved in this past December, according to TMZ. Or in Epps's words: "This is from when I whooped that n*gga's ass in Detroit."

I so hope that comes back to bite him. Seems like he needs some serious anger management help, and I hope he gets it, because he can be a really funny dude.

Comedy pushes all sorts of boundaries and buttons, but to lash out at an innocent woman who's just trying to do her job is just low.

What do you think of Mike Epps bashing this woman who served him court papers on stage?

Image via Slash News

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