'DWTS': Ralph Macchio Channels Most Famous Character

The eighth week of competition for Season 12 of DWTS had the first real injury of the season, and it was poor Ralph Macchio whose attitude is clearly far ahead of his body.

"This cannot end this way," Macchio said to his partner Karina Smirnoff when his hamstring basically gave out during rehearsal. One MRI and only nine hours of rehearsal later (usually they have 40), Ralph managed to dance and he danced well. Two dances, at that!

They danced an intense, "dark" waltz in round one. Bruno Tonioli said the dance made them into "vampires," but it was the tie-in to Macchio's most famous role that made his perseverance so powerful.


If you've seen Karate Kid, you know that Daniel made his final powerful stand using the crane kick because his leg was injured. It was that injury that made Daniel so likable and heroic, and it's the same thing that's helping the man who played him.

Macchio made his stand in the second round on DWTS with a great attitude, plenty of strength, and a healthy sense of humor. In his "instant dance," Macchio danced the Cha-Cha, a dance he had only done once in a group dance and because of his injury had no prep time to get together.

His scores weren't off the charts (actually, they weren't really good at all), but in attitude, Macchio won the whole thing. And with it, he may have just won this competition.

What did you think of Ralph's fortitude?

Image via ABC

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