'Glee' Takes on 'Friday' by Rebecca Black (VIDEO)

rebecca black gleeAfter the controversy over YouTube singing sensation Rebecca Black died down, I thought we had heard the last of her. Was she bullied? Was she too auto-tuned? To be honest, I'm over it. But what I'm not over is that the cast of Glee will be singing her claim to fame "Friday" on tonight's "Prom Night" episode. Really, Glee taking on a selection from a quasi-celebrity?

But listen to Glee's rendition of the song and I know you'll agree: If there was ever a song that was made for Glee, "Friday" by Rebecca Black is it.


So often we listen to tales of serious heartbreak and tragedy come out of the talented vocal chords of pint-sized pop stars. But really, what have they actually been through? Rebecca Black's "Friday" on Glee is just as epic as Willow Smith singing a song about whipping her hair back and forth. The lyrics don't hold much substance, but the words are things that kids that age can actually understand. Often, it's just too easy to forget that the handsome tush of Cory Monteith is supposed to be around 16 years old on the show. 

On "Prom Night," we'll finally get to see the kiddos sing about major life experiences they've had. You know, like fighting over who gets to sit in the front seat of the car; eating cereal in the morning; and taking the bus to school. Important high school stuff like that. Yes, this is pure genius!

Take a listen to Artie, Puck, and Sam singing "Friday":

How good is that rap?! The Glee kids have done it again! What do you think of Rebecca Black on Glee?

Image via YouTube

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