'Something Borrowed': Another Movie That Hates Women (VIDEO)

We all have marriage on the brain this week after the royal wedding to end all weddings just one week ago today, so the movie Something Borrowed that opened today could not be coming at a better time.

Based on the Emily Griffin chick-lit tale about Rachel White, played by Ginnifer Goodwin. She is a successful lawyer with basically no self-esteem who is best friends with a completely self-centered woman Darcy who is played by Kate Hudson. She turned 30 and is unmarried while her friend has just become engaged to Rachel's law school crush, Dexter (Colin Egglesfield).

Guess what happens next? The two (Rachel and Dexter) start a torrid affair. Of course.

And although she may be in the right because her friend is "selfish," this is the kind of movie that makes me so angry. Because it pits women against each other. See the trailer below:


It seems like a perfectly acceptable movie, possibly even amusing, maybe something you see with your sister on a Friday night. But then you realize the movie hates women. OK, so I am judging it from a 3-minute trailer, it's true. But I am. Deal with it.

The fact is, this is a really, REALLY crappy thing to do to a friend. No matter how obnoxious and entitled and "winning" she is. You do not sleep with her fiance. Guess what? That makes YOU the bad guy. Every time. Oh, I know. I am so harsh.

If you have the nerve to sleep with the man your best friend is planning to marry then you are a jerk. Period. Except we are supposed to sympathize (it seems) with Rachel because she is so put upon by the bolder, brighter, more obnoxious Darcy. Oh cry me a river, please. If you don't have the strength to go for what you want, then I don't feel bad when you don't get it. And that wimpiness (because that is what it is) does not give you the permission to steal another woman's fiance.

Sorry, no dice. If she is so bad, don't be friends with her, but if she is good, it's woman code lady! And so I cannot support a movie that clearly neither knows woman nor likes them.

Although, I'll probably see it anyway. Just to make sure.

Does this premise annoy you, too?

Image via Warner Brothers

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