Could Jodie Foster Straighten Out Today's Crazy Starlets?

jodie foster
I grew up to be successful. You can too!
Jodie Foster
, Hollywood veteran, director of the new movie starring Mel Gibson, The Beaver, feels sympathetic towards today's starlets. I mean, after all, if anyone knows what it's like to grow up in the spotlight -- successfully -- it's Jodie. And times, they are a different from when Jodie was growing up in Tinsel Town. She recently sang the praises of two of Hollywood's rising stars, Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence:

These actresses are amazing. They’re great, and their feet are firmly entrenched in drama, which is very nice to see. It is definitely an answer to all those people who say being a young actress in Hollywood will make you crazy. These are very well-adjusted people we’re talking about.

Could well-adjusted starlets become the new trend in Hollywood? I mean, if having your your head screwed on straight is going to get you praise from Queen Foster, why not, right? Lindsay Lohans need not apply.



Jodie is a perfect example of how to grow up in Hollywood. She did her job when she was younger, did it well, and seemed to avoid the general debauchery that accompanies Hollywood life. Cut to years later, the woman's more successful than ever.

Now, on the other hand, let's take, oh, I don't know, your Tatum O'Neals, your Corey Haims. Both these actors dove head first into Booze and Cocaine Lake when they were growing up. The results? Well, Tatum's career never seemed to take off again; and, as for Corey? Everyone knows the sad end to his story.

Sure, it's not as easy growing up in Hollywood these days, what with everything being documented on a microscopic level ("This just in: January Jones used the bathroom at Bergdorf Goodman today! Ahhhh!"). But it is possible to come out on top. As Jodie eloquently put it:

Their experiences will be very different from mine; it was a different world when I was growing up. News and entertainment were two different compartments, you didn’t have the mad reality show mentality about celebrities then.

Well said, Ms. Foster. Young starlets, take note. See, it is possible to grow up to be both a successful actress -- and smart!

What do you think of today's crazy starlets?


Image via Alan Light/Flickr

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