Lindsay Lohan Lawless & Braless, Get Used to It (PHOTO)

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
So our most favorite outlaw Lindsay Lohan showed up for her first day of court-mandated community service at the Los Angeles Downtown Women's Center yesterday -- wearing short shorts and a sheer top without a bra. What? Did you expect something else? A lady's business suit? Oh, come now ... At least, she's toting the legal kinda of Coke along this time. Am I right? Baby steps, people, baby steps ...

So before I start in on my snarky mommish judgment of Ms. Lohan, let it be known that yes, I am just jealous of Lohan's ability to go braless in the first place -- since I cannot so much as blink my eyes braless without some discomfort. So yeah, the criticism you're about to hear is totally ripe with JEALOUSY. Alright? Okay.

So about the exposed nipples you brought to your first day of community service, Lindsay ...


Can't you just, for once, prove me and the whole world wrong about you? I've cynically watched all your public claims to do better next time and to "stay focused." Of course, while I'm rolling my eyes at your promises, I'm totally waiting for you to shock me, choose a better path, and then be all "IN YOUR FACE, SHERI!" But alas, you don't.

No, instead, you show up in a sheer top to serve your community. This isn't a nightclub, Lindsay. Come on!

In the end, I know you're just being you, Lindsay. You can't stop breaking the law, chasing trouble, or wearing inappropriate clothes in court or to your community service commitments. It's just not in you. But I'll never give up hope, Lindsay. I won't! Call me co-dependent. Call me stupid. But I can't stop holding out hope for you, girl. You're just like the reckless teen-aged daughter I never had -- or wanted ...

Does Lindsay Lohan's community services bralessness surprise you?


Image via SplashNews

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