Kat Von D & Jesse James: A Breakdown of Their Beautiful Love

Is there anything so heartwarming as a couple who embodies the very nature of true love? Oh, the fairy-tale passion of Jesse James and Kat Von D is enough to make a girl swoon.

The thing is, it's just so nice to know that Jesse James is happy. When he recently revealed the intimate details of how he told then-wife Sandra Bullock that he'd been cheating on her with a porn star, I know I can't be the only woman who wept a tear for the challenges he's had to face. After such a harrowing experience, would James ever find love again?

Thank god for Kat Von D, the angel who's come to save him. Get out your tissues and maybe even a box of chocolate, girls, and revel in the romance James shared with People magazine:


We have something special that I've never felt with anyone I've ever been with. She loves me like no woman ever has, 100 percent.

Oh my god it's just so beautiful. And so true, it can be really hard to find someone who's so willing to do anal.

We fell in love at the worst possible time. I'm being chased around [by paparazzi] like a dog and here comes this angel.

She's so incredibly selfless to have glommed onto him just as he was fully launched into the public eye, right? You can tell just by looking at her that she normally hates a lot of attention—obviously those tattoos mean one thing, and that's "don't look at me"—and I am so impressed she set aside her innocent, reserved nature in order to take a chance at true love.

She fell in love with me when I was being called Satan. If that's not a testament to what kind of a person she is and where her intentions are, I think nothing is.

Well, exactly. I could not have said it better myself.

She's going to eventually move [to Texas]. What would you rather have -- a perfect partner and be logistically challenged or a half-assed partner who lives next door?

Definitely not the live-next-door thing, or the share-the-same-house thing! That makes it really hard to screw porn stars on the side.

I believe 100 percent that she loves me and you know what? I've never believed that about anybody.

Oh, here I go again with the waterworks! Sandra Bullock, shame on you for not convincing him of your love. You think it was enough to be an A-lister who married a skeezebag porn-obsessed biker? Not even close, missy. And now look at you: all "fulfilled" and "happy" with your "baby." Well, you're missing out on the good stuff, because it's happening between Jesse and Kat, and I'm sure involves a LOT of lubrication and a quarterly STD check.

Here's wishing many years of bliss to Kat Von D and Jesse James! When a relationship is this rock-solid, you know nothing can go wrong.

Image via Splash News

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