Kendra Wilkinson Claims Surprise 'DWTS' Benefit

Kendra Wilkinson isn't known for holding anything back, and Tuesday night on DWTS, she farted right on camera to prove it (ew). And though she was sent home Tuesday night, she also said that the show had provided one major benefit: It improved her sex life.

Now if you're like me, you're likely thinking: Kendra Wilkinson needed an improvement in her sex life? But apparently she did! Wilkinson's husband -- football player Hank Baskett -- was unaware that his wife could do the splits. Needless to say, he knows now!

Wilkinson told US Weekly:


It's definitely great. If you come to my trailer after this, you may see it moving back and forth. I'm definitely bringing the splits into the bedroom tonight!

Well thanks to Kendra for letting us know! Of course, that was before she got voted off, so maybe her libido took a dip after her loss. Or maybe not. She didn't seem too sad to part with the show Tuesday night.

She is back to being a mommy, steaming up the windows, and over-sharing.

Do you think this is an over-share?


Image via ABC

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