Fleetwood Mac + 'Glee' = Match Made in TV Heaven (VIDEOS)

Glee After last night's Glee, I have one thing to say: Thank god for Stevie Nicks. We watched as Sue Sylvester's latest plan to bring down the glee club -- reviving an old school newspaper that prints less-than-true factoids about the high-school teens -- causes a bit of tension. And in an effort to overcome the adversity, Mr. Schue suggests the gang sing songs from the 1977 hit album Rumours from Fleetwood Mac.

Brilliant, Will! What an awesome way to get our favorite high-schoolers away from Britney and Lady Gaga, and into some serious classics. With the return of Kristin Chenoweth as April Rhodes and a bit of romantic tension, I'd say this episode was a home run. But picking which Fleetwood Mac song was my fave, well, easier said than done.

Take a look at the songs from last night's episode:


First up, "Dreams" sung by April and Will:

Who knew that Chenoweth could channel Stevie Nicks so ... spot on? Compared to a lot of other Glee covers, this rendition stays pretty true to the original. And her white pant suit outfit didn't hurt the soul-searching vibe, either.

"Never Going Back Again" led by Artie:

Wow. This is so much better than the music that resulted from Artie's last breakup with Tina. In the match of Britney Spears' "Stronger" vs. the Mac, I think the Mac takes the win.

"Songbird" sung by Santana:

FINALLY, a solo from our favorite lesbian. Her voice is so soothing, and sort of reminds me of Norah Jones. Don't you think?

"Don't Wanna Know" sung by Finn and Quinn:

Eh, arguably a low point. It sounds lackluster, and definitely not as good as the original. But I guess after watching the pair argue over Finn and Rachel's possible duet, this is what you get.


"Go Your Own Way" sung by Rachel:

Talk about an episode highlight, eh? Something about Lea Michele singing power ballads just sends me in a tizzy.

"Don't Stop" sung by the entire cast:

And we have a winner! Every season, there's one song that sort of jumps out more than the others to the general public. I'd say that this song compares to "Don't Stop Believing" of last season. And if you watched last night and saw Sam's younger siblings ... ugh, too cute for words.

What was your favorite Fleetwood Mac cover from last night's Glee?

Image via FOX

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