Justin Bieber Surprises Bullying Victim Casey Heynes (VIDEOS)

Casey Heynes Justin Bieber
Casey Heynes with Justin Bieber
Remember Casey Heynes, the bullied Aussie kid who made headlines when he finally body slammed his bully and someone caught it on video and uploaded it to YouTube? He was labeled a hero by many and nicknamed "Casey the Punisher" by his fans.

Well, Justin Bieber remembers him and the message that his self-defense retaliation sent to bullied kids everywhere -- and to their bullies as well hopefully! In fact, the Biebs made a point to let Casey know just how inspirational his story has been when his tour touched down in Australia.


Last night, Justin Bieber tweeted:

pretty special night tonight in MELBOURNE....surprised someone me and the team look up to. a kid with a lot of courage

for those of you who done know...you should watch this - http://youtu.be/dxBAy3901kc

this is Casey the punisher...a kid who stood up for himself against bullying. a real life hero. his story - http://youtu.be/TqPs4YBf__E

well 2nite we tracked down Casey and his family and flew him to the show. Thank you Casey. #stopbullying

How totally awesome! Go Casey!

I'm sure it meant the world to Casey for someone as HUGE as Justin Bieber to recognize Casey's plight as a bullying victim and celebrate his decision to stand up for himself and what he believes in.

WATCH Justin Bieber bring Casey Heynes on stage:

WATCH a special on Casey's meeting with Justin via Australian TV:

Is this so cool or what?


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