How 'Star Wars' Gets Us Through Life

May the fourth is officially Star Wars Day. One might ask themselves why that is, but the answer is obvious. "May the Fourth be with you." Duh.

Now any Star Wars fan worth their salt knows the truth, though. That is to say that every day is Star Wars Day. Don't believe me? Think about it for a second. There is almost no situation in life that cannot be directly answered by Star Wars. Wondering whether your teenager will ever get it together and mature? Look to Luke!

He went from whiny little brat in Episode IV (A New Hope) to hard core Zen Jedi by Episode VI. And that's not all ...


At its base, Star Wars is a universal story. The struggle between father and son for power. The triumph of good over evil (even if it takes decades). The coming of age of young boy into man. A love story and the way that love clouds your judgement. A great tragedy, followed by last-minute redemption.

Just typing these words makes me want to go back and watch all six again. But have you ever noticed the way that Star Wars can be applied to almost everything in life? We shall use politics as an example. In this case, these are the roles for our current political leaders:

  • Emperor: Rupert Murdoch. He is sitting atop a fortune and all kinds of power and he pulls the strings of the entire right by barely lifting a finger.
  • Darth Vader: Glenn Beck. He is determined to spread lies and emotionally manipulate people into following him. JUST LIKE Vader!
  • Jabba the Hut: Rush Limbaugh. Clearly. He's crass and he would love to have Hillary Clinton on a chain beside him.
  • Lando Calrissian: He's smooth, he's slick, he's big Bill C! Bill Clinton is Lando, obviously.
  • C-3PO: Sarah Palin because she is shiny, pretty, and a good communicator, but cowardly and ultimately vacant.
  • R2-D2: Michelle Obama because she is the closest thing Luke has to a significant other in the movies and he gets stuff done!
  • Luke Skywalker: In this case, Obama is a lot like Skywalker, the young and idealistic upstart who has to learn to find his way.
  • Han Solo: Clearly this is Joe Biden. The grizzled renegade whose heart is in the right place, but who always says the somewhat offensive thing.
  • Princess Leia: Hillary Clinton! She is strong and takes no nonsense, but she is also busy fighting for what is right.
  • Yoda: Charlie Rose. He's not short. But he is smart and wise!

Really this works for everything where there are two sides and one is good and one is "evil." The movies were, in fact, meant to work in this way, to be universal and to apply to real life. "Only a Sith thinks in absolutes" was Lucas' jab nod to the Bush presidency.

Oh and relax all you Republicans who are frothing at the mouth right now. I am sure you can do it on the other side, too.

May the fourth be with you and happy Star Wars Day!

Do you apply Star Wars to life?

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