Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton Planning a Royal Wedding

Miranda LambertFor years to come, the recent Royal Wedding is going to be held up as the wedding to emulate as best as mere commoners can. Everyone wants their wedding to have some of the royal spark from that day, and country crooner Miranda Lambert is no exception.

She and Blake Shleton are tying the knot May 14, and they're planning a wow-worthy event too. For some country fans, it may just be an even bigger deal than the nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middleton as she and Shelton are country music royalty and ruling the scene these days. She recently told CMT Radio how she watched the royal wedding with thoughts of her own:

I think it was gorgeous. Just the wow factor of the royal wedding was, you know, [what] every bride wants.

Other than that, she's not sharing many of the details of their ceremony to be held in Texas. She's also made sure Shelton doesn't spill any secrets either. Shelton told The Tennessean:


It’s one thing when your record company tells you, "Don’t talk about this or that for these reasons." Sometimes I forget they say those things. But it’s another thing when your fiance is Miranda Lambert and she says, "Don’t talk about this or that." I take that a little more seriously because the wrath is pretty bad.

He's going to make such a good husband. He also went on to tell the paper that he could care less about the actual ceremony:

Every wedding I’ve ever gone to I’ve either fallen asleep or ... was playing ‘Angry Birds’ on my phone. Even if it’s your wedding and you’re a guy, it’s boring. I’m ready for the actual ceremony to happen because after that the reception is going to be a party, and that’s what I’m looking forward to.

Prince William never would have uttered such wedding blasphemy, but I bet Shelton and Lambert's wedding is going to be a hell of a lot more fun.

Which wedding would you rather attend/have attended -- that of Prince William and Kate Middleton or that of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert?

Image via burningkarma/Flickr

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