Osama Bin Laden Dies & Hollywood Cashes In

kathryn bigelowLeave it to Tinsel Town to celebrate the capturing and killing of Osama bin Laden the American way -- by making boat loads of cash off of it. You didn't think you were just going to read about Osama non-stop in every newspaper and blog for the next few months, then never hear about him again, did you? This is the political world's Royal Wedding, and everybody's cashing in.

To be fair, though, Kathryn Bigelow, the Oscar winning director of The Hurt Locker and general bad ass chick, was already working on an Osama movie, entitled Kill bin Laden. I smell a rewrite ...


Surely, rewriting such a script will be no small feat, one I don't claim to be capable of doing. However, I do have a pitch for a new title: Kill bin Laden. Okay! I think it gets across that there will be both the hunt for bin Laden in the film, as well as the execution. Thoughts?

No, seriously, aside from Bigelow's film, Hollywood is expecting an onslaught of Osama bin Laden scripts coming in. An industry source told the Hollywood Reporter:

The next few weeks will see a ton of Bin Laden projects, especially as the details of the US mission to kill him become known.

And it's not just movies. It's books, too. Publishers everywhere are racing to put out books about the Navy SEAL team that killed Osama. SEAL Team Six, a behind the scenes book about the team, was set to be published at the end of the month. It's now coming out next week, and is already near the top of the best-seller list.

Something about all the books that are sure to abound strikes me as less ... crass than the movies that will be produced. Maybe because far few people actually read books anymore, and the people who do will have a genuine interest in the Navy SEAL team and what went down. Whereas the movies are sure to be totally sensationalized, complete with crazy explosions, and a played-down beautiful Sandra Bullock waiting for a ripped Russell Crowe to come home.

And after that we'll just see Sandy, Russell, and Hollywood get richer, as opposed to the Navy SEALs the movie is based on.

What do you think of the Osama bin Laden movies being made?


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