'DWTS' Results: Does Kendra Wilkinson Shimmy Like That With Her Baby?

The results show for the seventh episode of DWTS ended predictably with the departure of Kendra Wilkinson who was a pleasant presence, but her time had come.

As usual with the results show, we were treated to numerous recaps and a variety of performances. By far the most striking of all the extra performances was that of Patricia Zhou, a young Canadian ballerina who is only 17 and started ballet at 13. Now she is one of the rising stars in the field.

Her performance was unreal and I am enjoying how DWTS is blending in different kinds of dance this season. I don't remember quite so much of this departure from ballroom only from last season. Between Zhou and James Blunt, the "extra" performances were extra entertaining for once.

But Tuesday night was really about the elimination and, predictably, it was Wilkinson who went home.


Tuesday's elimination was fairly obvious. In fact, she probably should have gone home last week. And things ended on a good note for Kendra. She had just had a really good dance, was happy to be there, and seemed to be mostly in a good mood about it all.

As she left, she said she was happy to get back to full-time mothering again. Of all the contestants, she is the only one with a young child (her son isn't yet 2), so one may wonder why she decided to do a show that would require such early mornings, late nights, and physically grueling workouts. Not that I am judging. I ran a marathon when my youngest was only 14 months old, but it's just unusual to have a mom with a baby that young on the show.

This isn't to say it never happens. Brooke Burke herself is a mom of four young girls and she is on the show. Of course, she doesn't have to rehearse all night.

Last season teen mom Bristol Palin took a lot of heat for leaving her then very young son to do the show, as did Kate Gosselin who has eight children. It's possible to do the show while also raising a family, but I would assume that Kendra is looking forward to going back to having more family time, now with more money!

And, of course, all this maternal talk didn't stop Kendra from near constant bumping and grinding and shaking her boobs. Wonder if she does that with her baby?


Image via ABC

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