No More Flower Delivery for Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love HewittHere we go again, time to feel sorry for Jennifer Love Hewitt. After less than a year of romance, she and her beau, Alex Beh, have split. Now just days away from Mother's Day, she -- who has said she's "obsessed with babies" -- is left alone again, with no baby daddy prospects in sight. Poor Jen, once again.

To make matters even worse, she's going to have a big void in her life when it comes to floral arrangements. You see, just a few months back, J-Love bragged to the world about how Beh brought her flowers "every single day." In February, she told "He'll either give me a bouquet, or handpick one. So sweet!"

Uh, gag. But sadly now, her vase sits empty.


All her rep had to say about the breakup was, "She’s doing fine," which sounds a lot like: She got dumped again.

Not to be harsh, but her story is getting old. Over the years she's turned into such a poster child for the underdog in everything from weight to relationships. She's become like that high-maintenance friend who's ALWAYS in need of some kind of emotional support. You want to be supportive and there for her, but ... damn, it gets old.

It's especially difficult to muster up the sympathy when she goes around making annoying statements and doing some serious self-sabotage. For example, she told Ellen DeGeneres in February about how she's already picked out three engagement rings (from Tiffany, of course) for herself.

I actually have three because I feel like I'm doing the guy a favor. I feel like I don't want to be upset if he picks a bad ring.

Is it any wonder why she hasn't settled down yet?

Are you sick of feeling sorry for Jennifer Love Hewitt?

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