'DWTS': Maks Finally Makes Kirstie Alley Lose It

The seventh episode of Season 12 of DWTS saw a whole lot of tears from Kirstie Alley, but would it really be DWTS if Maksim Chmerkovskiy didn't make his partner cry? Lucky for him, Kirstie barely skipped a beat, didn't yell back, and managed to push onwards, but still Maks, jeesh. Lighten up!

This episode saw several legendary dancers (including Shirley Ballas, who is Mark's mama) and guest judge Donnie Burns, who was unusually strict for a guest judge. Certainly the pros helped some of the dancers really hit the next level, most of all Kendra.


But for me, Monday night was all about the costumes. In the group dances, one group was all black while the other was all pink. No one looked weird or ill-fitted, but even more impressive were the individual outfits.

From Chelsea Kane's dramatic lace body suit, high boots, weird hip cape thing, and fantastic makeup to Kirstie Alley's '80s-style purple pouf skirt and leopard t-strap heels, it was a nice mix of dramatic costumes.

Normally, I think the costumes are either over the top or too skimpy for my taste, but tonight, they were eye-catching and fun.

Karina Smirnoff's emerald green nod to the flapper era was one part I Dream of Jeannie and another part Boardwalk Empire. Perfection!

Even Kym Johnson, though scantily clad, managed to stay in theme by wearing an incredibly lovely lace dress (well, half of a lace dress anyway) for her superb dance with Hines Ward. And not to leave the guys out, Romeo looked pretty hot in his little GI outfit in his white tank and olive pants and hat.

This week Romeo was by far the worst dancer, but he and Kirstie were the ones at the bottom together. Much as I love Kirstie, her performance this week was disappointingly lackluster. Still, I don't think that means it's time to go home.

Kendra Wilkinson redeemed herself somewhat this week with her passionate tango, but ultimately, my money is on her going home. It just seems like her time. Even though Romeo may have been a slightly worse dancer this week, he has been better overall.

Kirstie has way too much fortitude and way too many fans to leave now.

Who do you think will go home?


Image via ABC

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