Rick Springfield DUI Uncool, but Mugshot Is Hot

Rick SpringfieldWhether because he's still pining over "Jessie's Girl" or for some other reason, Rick Springfield was busted last night on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. While cruising in a 1963 Corvette down California's Pacific Coast Highway, he made a "maneuver" that caused police to pull him over. When he took a breathalyzer test, he blew a .10, and was arrested, according to the Los Angeles Times.

If you didn't live through the 1980s, you're probably saying Who?; if you did, you're probably saying, Oh no I looooooooooooooved him. Yeah, me too. So it's disappointing to see the former love of my life act so irresponsibly. Not surprising, as celebs -- both the hot and the washed-up variety -- often don't seem to think drinking and driving laws apply to them, but disappointing nonetheless.

What is surprising, however, is ...


HOW HOT HE LOOKS! Do you see that mugshot? He's 61 years old, and looks better than I remember him looking in my grade-school fantasies. Dr. Noah Drake (who Springfield played on General Hospital) has nothing on this more mature man. How did we groupies allow him to fade away into oblivion as he has for so many years?

Between Springfield and 62-year-old Steven Tyler, old geezers are looking good these days.

As for the DUI, shame on his hot self, and let's hope it was just a one-time case of bad judgement. Perhaps he was celebrating his new gig (he's appearing on Hawaii Five-0 tonight) and lost count of the cocktails. Not that it's an excuse, but it's a better scenario than the one in which he has a real problem, and his comeback role comes in the form of a stint on Celebrity Rehab.

As for Jessie's girl -- the one he so famously sang about? He told an audience at the Festival of Books earlier Sunday that he never got her.

I didn’t, but if I did, it would have been a short relationship. The song and I have had a much longer relationship.

Do you think Rick Springfield still looks hot?

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