Is Bella Pro-Life? Kristen Stewart Speaks Out

bella twilight pro-lifeBreaking Dawn is coming ya'll! Of course you're going to have to wait until November, 2012 to get the last gasp of the tween vampire/werewolf/just normal weirdos saga, but part 1 of Breaking Dawn has wrapped and will be ready to go on November 18th of this year. I know! Only 200 days until we see Bella and Edward do it! (If that was a spoiler you clearly have no interest in the Twilight series.)

And all that doing it leads to (spoiler alert? honestly, you should know by now) . . .


Renesmee, the half-vampire, half-human baby being born. Since the explosion of the books by Stephenie Meyer, the whole issue of Bella getting knocked up and carrying a dangerous pregnancy to term has been a bit controversial. Meyer's Mormon background and chaste story arc with the two young non-lovers has a lot to do with the cries that putting Bella's life at risk for her baby was pure pro-life propaganda. Of course, you could also say the unreal-ism of the two teens (well, one teen, one centenarian) NOT having sex before marriage considering their undying love is also a big abstinence commercial, but I digress.

The point is, when Bella finds out her half-vampire baby could actually kill her as it grows super fast, super painfully, then explodes bloody out of her, she's all, "I'm keepin' my baby!" Sounds pretty pro-life, given the life of the mother was most definitely at risk. However, Kristen Stewart thinks it has nothing to do with "the pro-life thing." In fact, in her recent sit-down in Entertainment Weekly, Stewart says that hell, yeah she'd do what Bella did and you'd better not put a label on it.

But I will. Sure, it's pro-choice to choose to keep a baby too. But to put a baby's life before your own pretty much smacks of pro-life thinking. However, most of us don't have the option of suddenly going all undead and being able to bounce back and raise that oddly named baby. So it's a pretty simple choice for Bella. She's wanted to die all along, so it's actually in her best interest, this whole baby keeping thing. So as I still pretend that logic exists in the world of Twilight, I have to say that no, Bella's decision was not a pro-life statement. But for the rest of us mere mortals, it absolutely would be.

Do you think Bella is pro-life?

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