'The Rock' Bin Laden Tweet Proves He's CIA, Not the Tooth Fairy

Before President Barack Obama made his announcement ... before the media issued any public reports ... one man was privy to the information that would soon rivet us all.

Yes, one proud American was apparently involved in a high-level government relationship that gave him access to top secret information.

One man knew, before anyone else, that Osama bin Laden had been killed.

That man was, of course ... Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.


(So as to not create any confusion between Johnson and any other people known as The Rock, I'll clarify that I'm referring to the professional wrestler-turned-actor.)

Some 45 minutes before the news about the death of Osama bin Laden broke, Dwayne Johnson posted a series of then-cryptic celebratory outbursts on Twitter, starting with this:

After Obama's address, he then added, "FINALLY!" and "AMERICA BROUGHT IT — TEAM BRING IT FOREVER PROUD."

It should be noted that at the exact same moment—10:24 p.m.—Donald Rumsfeld's Chief of Staff and Navy Reserve intel officer Keith Urbahn tweeted from his BlackBerry, "So I'm told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden. Hot damn."

So many questions! Starting with, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? What kind of world are we living in where The Rock is as informed about national security matters as Keith Urbahn?

And does any of this have anything to do with The Rock's execrable
Tooth Fairy tagline, "You Can't Handle the Tooth"?

In one more bit of related and disturbing news, The Rock later retweeted someone's suggestion that he star in the film version of the Bin Laden raid, which, according to the fan, would be directed by Ron Howard.


What do you make of The Rock's tweet? You think he has some military buddies that tipped him off?

Image via Flickr/david_shankbone

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