Gilbert Gottfried Calls Christ a 'Schmuck'

gilbert gottfried
Pay attention to me.
Gilbert Gottfried
is ... well, special. To put it frankly, let's just say that if anything ever happened to Carrot Top, he would win the title for most annoying man alive. Sorry, but it's true. His humor, his gestures, that voice! Oh gawd ...

Anyway, just over a month ago, the sometimes-kind-of-never-working comedian found himself out of a job when Aflac booted him for making way-too-soon jokes about the tsunami in Japan. Tres tacky. Well, it didn't take long, 'cause he's back on the inappropriate train again. Not only is he blaming the media for getting him fired, he said ... this:

I was the headline on every news station, like 'Gilbert said something off color.' I'm sure when Christ was on the cross, people were doing jokes about it. But he wasn't Christ at the time, just some schmuck. Then he came back and they were like 'he did do it.'

Um, did he just call JC a schmuck? Wow.


Now look, I don't claim to be the most religious Twizzler in the package (off the top of my head, folks!), but even infidel I know that that is just all sorts of messed up. What is wrong with this guy?

My theory? He's sour grapes because the one stupid job he had he lost. Half of his "fans" probably disowned him because his Japan joke was so tacky, the other half probably just because it was so damn awful. For those of you who don't remember, or don't feel like linking to another page, here's what he said:

I just split up with my girlfriend, but like the Japanese say, 'They'll be another one floating by any minute now ... Japan is really advanced. They don't go to the beach. The beach comes to them.

Aflac should have just fired him on the sheer crapness of the joke. I mean, seriously, dude? Gilbert also has a memoir to promote right now, eloquently titled, Rubber Balls and Liquor. (I believe the Queen of England came up with the title.) So, what better way to get publicity for yourself than to act like a jackass? Hence, "schmuck joke."

Then again -- and this has been known to happen before -- maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Gilbert just really is a complete and total idiot, who has no barometer for good and bad. Maybe he thinks it's okay to make jokes about people who have just lost people they love (although, would he have made this joke if he lost someone in Japan?). Maybe he thinks it's cool to call Christ a schmuck. I mean, I've never met the guy, but he doesn't seem rock solid.

I suppose that could be the case, but I'm kind of leaning towards my original theory. He's just a schmuck with a book to promote.

What do you think of Gilbert Gottfried's comments?


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