How to Stalk 'Glee' & Meet Your Favorite Cast Member

Glee NYCEarlier this week, I was lucky enough to play paparazzi and capture the cast of Glee as they filmed this season's finale episode in New York City. I snagged some shots of Rachel at Tiffany & Co. with Kurt, stood next to Santana and Sam, and even posed with Quinn

Want to hear how I managed to be in the right place at the right time? Here's my step-by-step guide to tracking down the cast of Glee.


Step 1: Download twitter. The nifty thing about Twitter is it connects you with thousands and thousands of people you've never met before using these trendy little things called hashtags (words, proceeded with the hashtag sign: #). By adding a hashtag to your 140-character update, your post is searchable and catalogued with anyone else's using the same words. For my gleepocalyptic experience, the magical hashtag was #GleeinNYC.

Step 2: Set yourself up for success. On my long commute to work, I have plenty of time for research. I opened the Twitter client I use on my phone, called UberSocial, and got to work. I knew my fellow Gleeks would also try to follow the cast that day, so I immediately put out a feeler tweet, using the Glee hashtag:

Glee tweetStep 3: Follow up. Within 20 minutes of using the #GleeinNYC tag, I had three responses from strangers giving me the exact location of various cast members. Nifty right? These people saw my tweet, replied, and then their notifications were sent straight to my phone. Equipped with possible hot spots, I got off my train and immediately hailed a taxi to the show's trailers.

Step 4: Stay smart. I waited for a while at those trailers. But I knew I wanted in on the action. You know, the good stuff. The filming. So I checked Twitter and found three fanatics saying that Glee was -- at that moment -- filming at Tiffany across town. So I ran, literally. Side note advice: Celebristalking is best accessorized by a hands-free purse. I was able to get to Tiffany & Co. just in time to snag some great shots!

Step 5: Cover all your bases. Sure, the true-at-heart Glee fanatics knew about the #GleeinNYC hashtag, but others, not so much. I also searched "Glee NYC" to find other tips as to the cast's whereabouts. My separate search enabled me to find tweets not filed under the hashtag. It also led me to the conclusion that they were still filming at the Intercontinental Hotel a few blocks over. I got there in time to snag shots of both Puck and Artie! Success!

Step 6: Say thanks! Call it social media courtesy, if you will. Throughout my day, loads of people I'd never met were giving me leads. And when all was said and done, I made sure to say thank you to my newfound "friends" with a few private direct messages.

Did you know all this was possible using Twitter? Have you ever used social media to locate your favorite celebs?

Image via Emily Abbate

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