'Teen Mom' Star Jo Capitalizes on 'Fame' (VIDEO)

Jo Rivera, the decent but immature father of Teen Mom 2 Kaylin Lowry's son Isaac, has released a rap video. There was some hinting on the show that he was a "rapper," but this confirms it. And hey, all I can say is at least one of these guys is actually trying to DO something and make some cash!

The video was released this week and is, in a word, unfortunate. Of course, I am no rap fan, so maybe others feel differently.

Using the pseudonym N.I.C.K B, Rivera makes his debut using Alicia Keys' "Unthinkable." Here is the video and you can see for yourself how it is. The video:


Now, it may not be a song I would like to hear, but the fact is, he's trying. And that is more than most of these baby daddies on the show can say. So I say more power to him.

Practice makes perfect, right?

What do you think of the video?

Image via YouTube

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