Kate Middleton Doll Hits Stores: Will You Buy One?

Kate Middleton DollWell, it's official, Kate Middleton is a princess. Now prepare for Royal Wedding Take 2: toy box edition. Because as soon as the (admittedly already pretty rich) commoner became the wife of Prince William, her likeness popped up in Toys R Us and FAO Schwartz stores in New York City in the form of a doll.

And not just any doll. A $50 doll designed by two folks who were involved in the royal wedding itself (at least according to a press release from Toys R Us). Sigh. Here I thought I'd get away with the array of Disney Princess dolls currently taking up space residence in my daughter's bedroom. Don't get me wrong, I think Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge is quite lovely (and her sister Pippa Middleton is all kinds of hotness).


But it's her very loveliness that makes it hard to say "no, kid, no Kate Middleton doll for you" without sounding like the meanest mommy ... EVER. Because Middleton certainly has markers of things a little girl can look up to. She struck "obey" out of the wedding vows, for one. She's poised. Confident. Brave. I have to admit that although I didn't get up early this morning to watch the shindig (and I certainly wasn't dragging the 5-year-old out of bed ... hellllllllo cranky kindergartner), I'm a fan.

And just look at the doll! It's a pretty darn good likeness. And it's a look at what Kate wore on the day she and Wills announced their engagement -- an outfit at once sexy and sweet, appropriate enough for a little girl to have on her favorite doll (unlike, say, this monstrosity?). We've all seen MUCH worse, all bought much worse.

So what's the downside here? Well, there's the mounting array of crap dolls already in most little girls' bedrooms. And the fact that it's $50 online at Toys R Us (OK, $49.99). And let's not forget Kate doesn't have a job (although we all have high hopes that the duchess will take on the sort of amazing charity work of her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana).

Balance it out, and I'm going to go out on a limb and say this baby will be selling like hotcakes. Even if it's just to all the moms who sat weeping in front of the TV this morning while their little ones slept.

Will you be buying one? Will it be for you or your child?


Image via Toys R Us

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