8 Worst Moms on TV

betty draper worst tv momWe all have our not-so-great mommy moments. Those times where you know you aren't going to win any Mother of the Year awards. Maybe you didn't have enough patience, maybe you totally forgot about the field trip to the zoo, maybe you are serving chicken nuggets and tater tots for the fourth straight night. If you are beating yourself up after one of those times, just remember you are a far cry from a bad mom. Really. Just turn on your TV and feel validation coming from that warm glow of the screen. Yup, turn it on and watch some really, truly awful moms.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, we rounded up some of all-time mamas we love to hate because they are so awful. The fact that many of them are on our favorite shows is the topic for another post. In the meantime, check out who we chose (and see if there is anyone else you want to add to the list).


Bree Van de Kamp on Desperate Housewives -- Creepy Martha Stewart-esque tendencies mashed with June Cleaver style, Bree can make a mean apple pie, but lordy, she screwed up her kids. The fact she threw her son out for being gay and shipped her pregnant daughter off to boarding school should be cause enough to be on the list -- but Bree's psychotic behavior and obsessiveness with perfect appearances is the icing on her worst mom cake.

Julie Cooper Nichol on The O.C
. -- Similar to any soap opera moms, Julie did the usual sleep with daughter's boyfriend, marry man after man for their money, cheat on them, steal, lie, and so on. But Julie went one step further and got to madam status (yup, ran a high-class service, she did). One of the original cougars, we barely saw Julie be any type of mom to her two daughters as she was too absorbed with her own selfish needs.

Lianne Mars on Veronica Mars -- Alcoholic? Check. Thief? Check. Bad wife? Check. Uncaring attitude to kids? Check. One of the worst moms ever on TV? Check.

Lily van der Woodsen/Humphrey on Gossip Girl -- Sure, Lily seems caring, seems to want to do the good thing, but it is always too little too late. She lies to her kids, and it is only after a massive screw-up by her or one of her kids does she ever bond with them. She's not a mean mom, but she's definitely a bad one.

Cindy Walsh on Beverly Hills 90210 -- This may surprise you, but think about it. She was nice, she was down-to-earth, she always had dinner on the table and cookies fresh from the oven. But she was clueless. Capital C clueless, bordering on dumb, really. Her twins are thrown into the fast life of Beverly Hills -- and she had not one wit what they were up to. It's in the Parent 101 handbook, folks. Not good, not good at all.

Ellis Grey on Grey’s Anatomy -- Do we even need to discuss this? She is the whole reason Meredith is, well, Meredith. The reason she is screwed up and a big ol' hot mess. Ellis didn't care about being mom, she cared more about her career than her daughter ... and let's not even get into the "have an affair while leaving her daughter with an alcoholic dad" thing. Ellis honked as a mom.

Livia Soprano on The Sopranos -- She put a hit on her own son. 'nough said.

Betty Draper on Mad Men -- Betty makes Joan Crawford, aka Mommie Dearest, seem warm. Sadly, divorcing Don and snagging a new husband didn’t help Betty be a better mom, it actually made it worse (if that is possible). She still treats her children with disdain, with a chill that would make penguins shiver. The sad thing is she resents her kids almost as much as she resents herself, which is a lot. Too bad birth control didn’t come out until the '60s -- this lady should never have had kids.

I know, those last two ladies are doozies. Who is worse: Betty or Livia? I dare say treating your child with indifference is even worse than hiring someone to kill him, but it's a tough call.

Who do you think is the worst TV mom? Did we leave anyone out?


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