Beyonce Helps Michelle Obama Fight Childhood Obesity (VIDEOS)

beyonce move your bodyBeyonce must be pretty tight with the Obamas. Not only did she get to sing "At Last" at the Inauguration, but now she's teamed up with First Lady Michelle Obama to help get kids excited about exercise. Late yesterday, the diva released a music video in support of Michelle's "Let's Move" campaign to fight obesity, and I gotta say, it's probably the best pieces of inspirational pop entertainment to be played in schools since "(I Wanna Be) Like Mike." (That may have only been in Chicagoland, but it's one of my most vivid memories from grade school!)

The song in the video is "Move Your Body," or a re-tooling of "Get Me Bodied" from Beyonce's last album. Of course, the vid takes place in a school cafeteria (where else?), where B and a bunch of tweens bust out a “flash workout” that combines hip hop, Latin, and dancehall moves with traditional exercises such as running and jumping rope.


The video will roll out in schools on May 3 during a “dance-in” at middle schools across the country. Absolutely. Love. This. Idea!

And I love that Beyonce said her impetus here was to get kids up and doing something "we all love to do, and that's dance." Yes! That's one huge message that is missing a lot of the time when we hear the standard lecture for kids and adults about working out/exercising/leading a healthy lifestyle. The only way physical activity is going to become a habit is if you're enjoying yourself. For me, dancing is one thing that never feels like "working out," but it's one of the best activities anyone can do to get their heart rate up and burn calories.

It just makes sense to have celebs, especially those known for rigorous dance routines, get involved in the "Let's Move!" campaign. I love the First Lady, but kids and teens are probably a bit more receptive to celebs ... like Beyonce. So thumbs-up to her and to this video and "dance-in." I wish we had gotten to do that when I was a kid, instead of learn a line-dance to Billy Ray Cyrus's "Achy Breaky Heart." Hrmmph!

Here are the intro video and dance video, in case you wanna learn the moves to do yourself or with your kiddos ...

What do you think about Beyonce's "Move Your Body" video?


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