Prince William Isn't Getting Any After the Royal Wedding

Prince William Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton & Prince William keep their distance
Kisses, people, kisses! Of course, I'm talking about kisses. Sorry, Wills, no smooches for your new bride Kate Middleton -- not even once the ring is firmly in place and she's been pronounced your wife. That's just how uptight those Brits are.

It's been pretty clear that the engaged couple Will and Kate aren't allowed any public displays of affection before the marriage vows. I think there's some unwritten Queen rule that forces there to be at least five inches between them during all public appearances. Have you noticed? However, I would have thought, they could let loose once the deed is done.

Nope, no lifting the veil, no "you may kiss the bride," no post-nuptial kiss! How did I not know this? Oh, right because we never really expected Prince Charles and Princess Diana to kiss ... ever! ... let alone in public.


The Church of England prohibits kissing during and preceding the marriage ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

Reverend Dr. John Hall, the dean of Westminster explains:

We don't do that in the Church of England. That's sort of a Hollywood thing: 'You may now kiss the bride.' It doesn't happen here.

So, unless the newlyweds sneak in a quickie on their way to Buckingham Palace after the ceremony, Will and Kate will share their first marital kiss at 1:25 pm on the palace's balcony for the public to see and watch and photograph. It's a British thing.

I'm sure Will, as the first born rule-following type, will stick to the program. If any Royal's going to try to lift the veil for a long and lovely Westminster kiss, we'll have to hold out for Harry.

Do you think this rule is a bit uptight?


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