'Glee' Sneak Peeks of 'Born This Way' Episode (VIDEOS)

glee born this wayWe've all seen the original promo at least a handful of times, listened to the full-length version of the New Directions singing "Born This Way," and tonight, Gleeks are finally going to get a major treat -- the extended 90-minute episode of Glee we've all been waiting for! And it better live up to the hype (especially after the boring letdown of an episode we had to endure last week)!

Full-on plot spoilers are no fun, but how about a few quick clips of the episode? It is 90 minutes anyway -- what will it matter if you watch just a few minutes now? Come on, you know you wanna ...


I knew you would!

Okay, so here's a scene in which Blaine's serenading Kurt with Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know" outside of McKinley. (Awwwwww to the nth degree, right?) Clearly, Kurt's coming back to school at McKinley, and when you watch the warm welcome he gets from stepbro Finn, Mercedes, and the other New Directions members, you may tear up as much as Blaine in this clip!


Then, there's this one with Mr. Schue giving the official announcement to the Glee Club that they'll be singing "The Queen of Self-Love" herself, aka LADY GAGA. (Squee!


And last, but not least, there's the newest promo that gives away just a few more awesome snippets, like the kids performing (again?) at the mall, something about Barbra Streisand, and Kurt in a wacky white top hat and tux getup! Hot!



Now that you've had your appetite sufficiently piqued, I know you cannot wait to snuggle up on your couch in your yoga pants later. Because hello, you know that will be the best place to be for at least 90 minutes tonight! 

Are you psyched for tonight's extra-long episode of Glee?


Image via FOX

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