Will Michael Lohan Be the Next 'Real Housewives' Hubbie?

Kim GranatellHere's a hot new couple alert that will make you cringe. Bad dad Michael Lohan is dating one of the women from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Remember Kim G -- the crazy sidekick of Danielle Staub? Apparently she, whose full name is Kim Granatell, and Lohan have been getting hot and heavy.

According to reports, she tweeted the deets: "I just got back from making out with Michael Lohan in Florida. He's got a very big heart. He's a great guy."

Ewww, I know. The thought of either of them being intimate with anyone is bad enough. Do you remember Kim G pole dancing last season? *SHUDDER* As for Lohan, I can't even begin to name his slimy showings. So together ... well, they kind of deserve one another. It just may be a perfect match made in skeevy, fame-whore heaven.


I don't see the tweet on her Twitter feed, so either it's just a rumor or she removed it. Either way, I'm sure they'll both milk it for all it's worth. And if it's true, well, we could use another Real Housewives wedding. I can see it now with Danielle Staub and Lindsay Lohan as bridesmaids. Michael Lohan would certainly fit in with the Housewives bunch, as behind every crazy housewife there's a man whacked enough to marry her.

What do you think of Michael Lohan and Kim G as a couple?

Image via Splash News

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