Hayden Panettiere Keeps 'Scream 4' Secret From Her Beau

hayden panettiereIf you were a movie star, would you spill top-secret plot points to your significant other? Hayden Panettiere would not, much to her boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko's dismay. The giant Russian boxer tried for weeks to persuade Panettiere to let him in on the closely-guarded story of Scream 4, but the doll-sized dolphin-lover wouldn't budge.


I have to say, I admire Panettiere's commitment on this one. It's virtually impossible for me to keep my professional life private from my partner -- after all, isn't that the role a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse is supposed to play, the person you can share anything and everything with? But then again, I've never had to sign on a dotted line to not breathe a word about my job to anyone, and I'm guessing celebs are sworn to secrecy to the tune of millions of dollars.

Makes me wonder: How do other star couples handle this issue? Did Angie keep quiet about the storyline of The Tourist (there was a storyline, I swear) during pillow talk sessions with Brad? Did Jennifer Garner share the details of the Arthur script with Ben Affleck? Granted, that one's a remake, so I guess "spoiler alerts" aren't necessary, but still.

Would you let your significant other in on behind-the-scenes secrets?


Image via RavenU/Flickr

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