Prince Harry Is the Best Man ... And the Best Prince

prince harrySomething happened when I woke up this morning. I didn't feel right. My palms were sweaty, my head was achy, and I couldn't feel my tongue. I busted out the thermometer to see if what I feared was true -- and it was. I have come down with Royal Wedding Fever! Help!

I find myself Googling "Kate Middleton," "Prince William," and "Royal Wedding" nine times a day! Anything for a fix. I wonder what she's going to wear. Where will I watch it? Why am I not invited? I don't know how to stop. But I have figured out a way to slow down.

I started Googling "Prince Harry" instead. Sure, it's Royal Wedding Adjacent, but it's not as bad as the real thing. It's like smoking a light cigarette instead of a red. Right? Anyway, turns out the younger Prince has been up to a lot more than just best man-ing. He's actually been really busy with some really cool stuff. Walk with me ...

  • Hiking the North Pole for Charity. First of all, Prince Harry recently returned from a charity trek, where he spent four days in the North Pole visiting Santa Claus. Just kidding. The trip was for the charity Walking With the Wounded, and it was to raise money for, you guessed it, wounded soldiers. The goal was to raise the equivalent of almost $3.3 million for the cause. The third in line to the throne was set to be with the team for four days, but wound up staying an extra two because the weather wouldn't permit him to leave. He was cutting out early because he needed to return to Britain to resume training as a helicopter pilot with the Army Air Corps. A prissy prince he is not. 
  • A Military Promotion. Prince Harry is, like, totally climbing the ranks in the British Army. The former lieutenant can now also add "Captain" in front of "Prince" and "Harry" (so, is he Captain Prince Harry?) for his time served in the Armed Forces. Oh, and he's also qualified as an Apache helicopter pilot as well. Oh, oh, and he's now moving on to a rigorous eight-month weapons course, which will make him a full-functioning Army Air Corps pilot. Damn, what have you been up to, Prince William? Seating charts?
  • Best Man Duties. He's been helping out with some wedding stuff, too, you know? He's not all business, all the time (like anyone ever thought that). Harry recently organized a fantastic-sounding "hangover breakfast" for guests at the Royal Wedding. Best best man ever!

So, he may not be in the spotlight 24/7 like his older bro, but Prince Harry definitely has stuff going on. If you want to take a further break from Will and Kate, check out Wild About Harry tonight on TLC. I know I'll be tuning in!

What do you think about Prince Harry and all his accomplishments?


Image via Walking With the Wounded/Flickr

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